How to become more motivated and energetic

Do you remember when you were young and it seemed like you had an infinite amount of energy and curiosity?

You were a whirlwind of action and chaos.

But in all that time, did you ever consider the concepts of energy and motivation?

Of course not. You were too busy expressing life the way only you know how.

So today you feel demotivated and low on energy.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what has changed from when you were young?

Here are two hints:

  1. The answer has nothing to do with your circumstances.
  2. You have just as much energy now as when you were younger.

So, what are you doing more of than when you were a child?

Did you practice more meditation?

Did you read more self development books?

Did you write down your goals?

Of course not. No child ever needs to do any of that stuff in order to be energetic and motivated.

Being energetic and motivation are intrinsic to us, because we are life itself.

From the moment you were born, energy was coming from somewhere that made you aware and gave you all sorts of thoughts, some of which have been useful.

It's that same life that is rushing through your veins this very moment.

The only thing that diminishes that flow of energy is when we resist it and refuse to let it flow freely.

We do this by thinking ourselves into a jam.

Think back to your days as a child: how much time did you spend overthinking things? Not much, I'm guessing.

But what happens to so many of us as we get older, our culture beats us over the head that happiness is found out there in the world.

We are told that we know nothing, that we need to stop playing and instead striving for degrees, approval, and outcomes.

As a result, we stop listening to the wisdom that has been guiding us since the day we were born, and instead we begin to overthink and rationalise things in order to "not mess up our chance at happiness".

And yet, all this time life has been supporting us, carrying us, guiding us.

But instead of sailing effortlessly with the currents of life, we have convinced ourselves that we need to become better at rowing a boat.

And yet, no matter how good you become at rowing, you will always be at the mercy of the winds, currents and waves of the sea.

This is how we think our way into demotivation, depression, stress and suffering - because we think we need to.

But we don't - any more than we did when we were young and free.

And we still are young and free - YOU still are!

You still have the energy of the entire universe coursing through your veins.

You've only convinced yourself that you don't.

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