How to become my own motivator

Motivation without Action, is useless: No matter how motivated you are, if you don't actually do anything, nothing will change. You have to take action. You have to take action even when you don't feel like it. World class athletes, they don't actually like pushing their body beyond its limit during practice, but they like winning. And they because it is necessary to win. That is why they suffer through it, even if they don't like it.

Motivation without a Goal doesn't work: If you don't have anything to achieve, even if you are motivated, it won't lead to anything. Surest way not to achieve a goal is not having one. That is why a goal is necessary for motivation to be useful because goal guides motivation.

Goal needs Action.

Action needs Motivation. But not always. When you have identified goal and actions needed to achieve that goal, you can take actions without motivation too. Because you won't be motivated always.

If you don't have a goal, then motivation can't guide the action. If you think about your goal, you will get motivated to achieve it.

Do you Want to become your own motivator?

STEP 1: Set your Goal

Remember, goals are not achieved automatically. If you are not doing anything to achieve something, it won't happen ever. So think hard about the future. Think hard about how you are spending your present and how your life turn up if you continue on the same path. Don't be optimistic rather be pessimistic while thinking about future. Because no matter what, life screws us all.

Now once you have thought about the future, write down what you want to achieve in your life no matter what.

STEP 2: S-M-A-R-T Goals

Once you have written down your goals, it is important to make them smart. S-M-A-R-T -> Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic Plan & Time Bound

Specific: Loosing weight is a vague goal, loosing 5 kg weight is a specific goal. Becoming rich is a vague goal, Doubling your current income is a specific goal. A vague goal is never achieved. So make your goal Specific.

Measurable: After you have decided your specific goal, you need to check how close or how far you are, from achieving your goal. e.g. If you don't check your weight, you can't monitor your weight loss. If you don't track your income, you can't track your income growth. Make your goal measurable and monitor your progress towards it.

Achievable: Having an impossible goal to begin with, is the surest way to loose motivation. Make sure your goal is achievable and work towards achieving it.

Realistic Plan: Loosing 10 pounds in a week is not realistic, doubling your income in a month is not realistic. Make a realistic plan. A realistic plan with small steps eventually will lead to big difference overall.

Time Bound: If your goal is not time bound, you will become lazy.. Loosing 10 pounds in a week is not realistic and loosing 10 pounds in 10 years is also not realistic. Make achieving your goals time bound. It creates urgency.

Important Points

  1. See how far you have come not how far you have go. Be happy with the progress you have made.
  2. Small improvements overtime will result is a big difference.
  3. Don't be impatient. Keep taking actions. If your actions are not working then don't stop, rather change the technique, ask advice and work smarter not harder.
  4. It is about the efforts not the talent. You become genius through efforts.
  5. Success is not a quick fix. Success is a long term plan. And if you become demotivated by short term failures and stop, you won't ever be able to succeed. Short term failures will come but keep working... Eventually you will succeed. Tree doesn't grow overnight. Similarly success won't come overnight. But if success comes overnight, failure might also come overnight. Only way to have permanent growth is slow and steady growth.

S tep 3: Take the Actions needed

Take actions while keeping your goals in mind. So that your efforts are always directed towards achieving it.

Actions without goals are ineffective because they don't align together. Goal setting is a must do exercise before you start taking actions.

You can't build a house without a blueprint. You can't succeed without a goal and an action plan.

Keep taking actions. Keep making corrections as needed to achieve the goal.

Step 4: Find your motivation

Now your goal will be your constant source of motivation. Actions you have taken in the past and how far you have come to achieve your goal will be your constant source of motivation.

Even with all this, you will sometimes loose motivation. Then you can search for motivational material which resonates with you. It can be a song, video, book, article or answer on quora.

For motivation to work, you need to have goal and a action plan. Motivation is secondary.

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