How to become the best version of myself in a month

Arthur Rubinstein once said, "I have found that if you love your life, life will love you back!"

And God knows, that those who seek happiness in others, never achieve one. This life is too short to have expectations or hopes from anyone. If you don't strive to change the life for yourself, no one in this hellish world would do it for you.

I was stagnant, content and vegetating for the past few months. But I realised, If not me, then who?

I spent a day contemplating my mistakes and finally,it struck me, that a massive change that was due needs to happen. And in a matter of few days, I came up with a plan that I hope would change me for better.

What comes now, is my personal approach towards forgetting the past I so strongly cherish and regret at the same time. So here are the points that I am following and after the end of the month, I will include an edit as to what were the landslide differences in the opinion and the perspective of mine.

  1. Sleeping for healthy 7 hours
  2. Waking up as early as 6 am. Earlier I used to wake up at strictly the time my alarm hit. But at times I realised that this was not working. Sometimes when I woke up, I was battle-ready and so energetic that I was jumping after leaving the bed. And sometimes so slumpy, that death seemed better than waking up. I tuned my circadian rhythms with the local sunrise time. And it worked wonders!
  3. Shitting while squatting. It has got its perks

Disclaimer:- Below mentioned all the tips are amalgamation of advices from different expert.

Note:- There are some tips and some pro tips so make sure to stick till end FOR YOUR SAKE.

  • Wake up at 5 AM.
  • Pro tip:- Do oil pulling(just take one table spoon of oil in your mouth and swish it in every corner , make sure not to drink it.) for atleast 10 minute you can use any oil be it a coconut mustard or my personal choice sesame oil. ( it has many health benfits but the thing we need to focus is that it detoxify your whole body and after doing this you will not feel sleepy and will be remain energetic for whole day.)
  • Ofcourse you need to do exercise, its very important to make your whole body muscles active so do anything which you don't need even to hit gym, just do exercise atleast for 20 minutes.
  • Learn any new language now here is the logic you need to understand it doesn't really matter you can speak that language after one month or not it may take time but the process of learning new language have many benfitsLearning a second language offers proven benefits for intelligence, memory, and concentration and lowered risks of dementia and Alzheimer's. ... Becauselanguage is complex, speaking or learning a foreign language gives your brain a good workout. It makes your brain any brain workout is better than learning new language
  • Eat healthy please avoid any of junk food. Try to add all the kind of essential nutrients in your meal . You can't be beast if your diet is weeds.
  • Make to do list. Before going to sleep just make it for tomorrow. Try to make it a handwritten to do list which you can keep in your pocket.
  • Pro tip:- Avoid making your to do list in serial manner . Because while writting it we don't care about prefrence we just write it but when in morning you see your to do list in serial manner your brain unconsiously gives more preference to the work written on top which may not even be important so avoid writting it in serial way.
  • Comfort zone crusher:- Do atleast one thing in day which makes you fearful. It can be anything like lay down on a road for 1 minute , doing streching on road, talking to stranger and anything like this. The main moto behind this is that you should stop caring what other people are thinking about you so that you can be better version of your self.
  • Pro tip:- you have to say this to yourself. Okay i am still not perfect but thats not a problem at all , i am the greatest person ever born on this planet and i am inching towards my perfect version evryday.
  • Learn any new skill apart from your daily activity and main work. It can be anything of your choice.
  • Drink alot of water. We know how much water is imprtant for us. drinking a large amount of water will even give you glowing skin as a by product which definately will rise your confidence.
  • Read now i am not talking about reading your subject matter nor i am saying you to read novel and book which is one the thing which you can read but if you don't wana read novels so you can read anything which makes you more aware to you about your surrounding and world. Even you can read news paper but read daily.
  1. many time we have some bad habits which we are unable to leave like people can have addiction of social media like instagram, facebook et.c. now here is the pro tip our mind just need experience ,doesn't matter if it is good or bad our brain just need experience so just replace your bad habbits with good one .you will feel that you will get addicted to good thing when you will get experience just try to find good alternative of your bad habbits .like you can replace insta and facebook with curiosity app and ofcourse quoraAndroid Apps by on Google Play
  2. When its about following tips it has been proved that.

Have you ever been in a position where you have paused yourself for a second and wondered, "Life will be so much better if I will shoot myself" If you have then you have suffered from a mental breakdown in your life and more we grow, more the pressure and anxiety makes us break down.

Becoming the `best` version of yourself in just 1 month is tough, but becoming a `better` version of yourself is easy.

Focus on:

  1. Personal health - Get enough sleep, cut down on alcohol, exercise etc. It will help your productivity. This also applies to mental health. Cut out toxic friends.

I am so tired of these robotic life advice quotes. Wake up at 5. Drink enough water. Discipline yourself.

Hell no.

Real change does not come from following a script. You know what, look at all the great things in life. They all happened because someone was not following a script.

The best books do not follow same formula as all other books. They have their own path. The writer went through pain and growth to open up that new path and now you want to reduce it to advice like "wake up at 5."

You can't.

And anyone who tells you otherwise is either naive or trying to sell you on some b.s. program.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I've been invested in my personal development for almost a decade.

I've built a 7-figure business, transformed my body, taken up daily yoga, journaling, and meditation practices, and dated dozens of amazing women who taught me countless lessons about myself and relationships.

And I'm STILL not the best version of myself.

Because there is NO best version of myself, or yourself, or anyone's "self".

It's a target that is constantly moving.

The second you think you've hit it, it flies a mile in another direction.

Personal development and self-improvement isn't something that you can do for a month and forget about it.

It takes daily practice for the rest of your life.


Think about someone who goes to the gym regularly and attempts to become the "strongest" version of themselves.

They think, "Oh" once I can bench 225 lbs., then I'll be the strongest version of myself.

But then, they hit 225 and realize that they have the capacity to hit 300 lbs.

Once they hit 300 lbs. they try to get to 305 and 315 and so on and so forth.

Sure, after a certain point, you will almost become the best version of yourself. But there will always be something about yourself that you want to improve, some facet of your life that you want to fix, or some area that needs work.

It's simply the nature of being human.

So let's ask a better question, shall we?

Instead of "How can I become my best self in a month" (which will NEVER happen), let's reframe this and ask, "What are the daily habits and disciplines that will allow me to constantly improve and grow for the rest of my life?"

Ah... Now THAT is something I can answer.

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