How to benefit from running

Great decision on your behalf to want to start running. I will start by telling you the benefits of running, telling you how to start, then how to run properly.

Benefits from Running: There are many benefits from running including weight loss, it is good for your heart, running is basically meditation and that is why there is a long list of benefits for your brain and mental state. Runner's World The Runner's Brain: How to Think Smarter to Run Better: Jeff Brown, Liz Neporent: 9781623363475: Books is a fantastic book on what it does for your brain and what your brain can do for your running. You will also feel a lot better about yourself when you finished your run. Your body will feel fantastic. It will work your core out by the way, so you can get better abs, along with the weight loss your abs will pop more. Running will strengthen your lungs, relieves stress, more confidence, better stability. It will also help you in literally any sport you are in. Also there is something called runners high, look it up, it's happened to me 5 times, but apparently it is rare.

How to start Running: I've been asked this question a lot and it is really hard to answer because I just literally started running, but over the years I have learned a few things about this complex sport like Mr. Teigen said in his answer. To start off you need to warm up, I run a mile and a half for my warm up then I stretch and then do my workout. Stretching is important because you REALLY DO NOT WANT TO INJURE YOURSELF. Just f***ing stretch, it is extremely important and don't skip the warm up. If you want the list of stretches I have been taught and do just ask, otherwise google is your friend there. Before you even think about setting out on a little jog, get some good Running Shoes. Not combat boots if you wanna train for military, the military even said not to try because you will end up injuring yourself, not basketball shoes for extra "ankle support," you really need running shoes. In this moment I got a hand cramp and said colorful words for about 3 minutes, just wanted everyone to know. I went to Florida once and they had a store called runners something and there was a track as the floor. It was my heaven for the 30 minutes I was in there. They usually hire people with some experience in running, so if you have one talk to someone in there about starting shoes. Do not go to a certain brand, my friends would always dwell on Nike shoes and they wondered why they always got foot cramps and stuff. They didn't get the right shoes for them, that fit them. I like Nike Free Run 3.0. I like a few New Balance shoes and Brooks. Just try on different shoes. Running Form is extremely important too. You could have some bad running shoes and if you had great running form you could avoid some injuries. My favorite coach told a kid who had bad running form on a warm up run, who I happened to be next to, that he should imagine a string attached to the top of his head and it was being pulled up. Keep your body straight and your head forward and level. Keep your arms at a 90 degree angle, during a run you will notice your shoulders start to ease up, just shake your arms out while running then go back to 90 degrees. Your foot strike should be about mid foot like Mr. Teigen said, your foot should land below your hips not in front, because that will most likely heel striking. I used to be a heel striker when I started running again after my cross country season. I was getting stress fractures and something that was related to shin splits. It hurt like hell and I could barely walk. You will need to have good form and running foot strikes to try and prevent injuries. You will most likely have some form of shin pain when you start and that is normal, just look up shin stretches, they are important, TRUST ME. I had shin pain every time I started running after taking a break and I just pushed through it and it went away. Make sure you stretch after your run. Just be smart, be strong, and don't give in to your brain. I forgot to tell you, running will make you mentally strong. Not Navy Seal mentally strong, but better than the average person. You are entering a hard hobby but once you get the hang of it, you will be rewarded beyond what you expected. You need to start small and then gradually increase what you run, but not too much so you do not injure yourself. For any starting workouts just ask, it is hard to explain but a workout plan is easy. Good luck and if you have any questions please ask.

Edit: Sorry for any repeats, I don't like reread and edit, so have fun.

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