How to build a house without a roof

I think the roof is the important part of the house. To help your family avoiding the impact of sun, wind and heavy rain. So, if you think simply, building house can't vacant the roof.

However, architecture is more and more develop, the people creat the walls same as the roof. The roof and the wall are considered as 1. Making unique house, fancy.

We often see style this houses without roof in homestay, moving house, resort, relax area,...

You can see the picture attached to clear:

I had to think about this for a minute.

You can build a traditional house without a roof but it wouldn't keep the rain out.

I read an answer that said a geodesic home is all walls. That made since to me.

Then I thought of the old IHOP restaurants that used the A frame building style.

Taking this question literally and not as a bad game of semantics:

Build a geodesic dome structure.

As a spherical shape, this house is nothing BUT wall. One big, continuous wall. That said, there is still an upper portion so if you're trying to avoid having to ever re-roof, it's going to depend on what materials you choose as a finish layer to your new dome.

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