How to build muscle in the shape of a Dorito? (slim waist, big chest)

Hit the weights harder than you ever have before. Reign in that diet. And pray you have some good genetics.


Your chest, lats, shoulders, and arms are going to be the biggest visual influences here. If you build these well it should create your desired body shape.


Diet is key. Eat big and you will grow big. Make sure to eat smart. Learn nutrition. Count those macros (or eyeball it semi-accurately).


Genetics plays a huge role here. Some people have no hope for this at all.....but you can get close with commitment.

How to earn 100$ per month fast

I'll be very honest with you. If you are planning to make $100/month full time.You can basically do any job out there and earns more than that. Well I know sometimes it will depends on your country sometimes wages can be a little messed up at some country. I'm from a 3rd world country myself and Jobs

What are the health problems in cats?

The primary health problem in cats is dental. A majority of cats will have meaningful to serious dental issues in their lives. 50% of cats will need one or more teeth removed by the age of 6. Over a lifetime it's way more than

Is it possible to build six pack abs on a crappy diet?

NO. The only way to get six pack abs is by eating healthy, training hard, and mind muscle connection. Now, unless your on steroids, you will see a difference if you are training no matter what your diet is. You've got to get it in your head that there is no magic pill or shake that can make you