How to change my life in the next 5 years

#1. Ask.

When in doubt, ask. When you lose your way around something, ask. When you need help, ask. When you can't find your way home, ask. There is no shame in asking for help. It is not a crime to ask for guidance when you are not sure. Accept your weakness and acknowledge your limitations. Identify the right people who can give you the proper advice when you need it. Go to them and let them help you find your way.

#2. Don't be an I-don't-like-reading type of person.

A lot of people don't like reading and it's difficult finding your way around easily without a reading attitude. Books can change your life. You can read a book today and your perception about the world would change forever. It will change the way you think and even the way you perceive your environment. Read a lot. it doesn't matter how long it takes to read a book, read it by all means

#3. Say Thank You

Saying thank you to people means you appreciate their effort in your life. People like to be appreciated. People feel good when they realize you're thankful for the little things done for you. They will be ready to do more whenever you need it. Say thank you to the bus driver. Say thank you to the janitor. It's not so much about what they've done. It's about developing the habit of being thankful.

#4. Be wise with your money.

Save something. Learn to put 10% of your salary away. You won't touch this. You put in an account where it would earn compound interest. In years time, you would be glad you did. If you are wise with money-your money, it wouldn't be long till you become rich.

#5. Do something for free.

That's how to create a network that really works. Being kind to people is never forgotten. It compounds. Someday when you least expected it, the people you helped will return the favor. Don't do it for the pay back. Do it because you want to. True kindness is a therapeutic to your own heart. It makes the heart swells. It keeps the heart happy and it's a huge investment into your future. People you've done something for become your friends. They form a network of people you can fall on.


There's more. I've written here 10 more little things one can do to change their lives in the next years ahead. You can read more. Trust me, these are little little things we usually ignore but are everything that has the power to transform our lives.

In what ways do you want to change your life? There is how you interact with family, the people you choose as friends, the way you handle romantic situations, how healthy you are, the career you choose.....etc. Whatever the case, here are some ideas: 1st and foremost, always be true to the values, morals & beliefs that you hold dear. Don't let anyone pull you away from them. EVER. If you have good relationships with family members - especially your parents - cherish them, as they won't always be with us. If there are issues, try to determine if there is a way you can contribute to making things better for everyone. If you have a great circle of friends enjoy them, try to nurture them so you don't slip away from each other. If you are in a romantic relationship that is happy, that's great, try to keep things fresh. If not, do not settle for anyone just for the sake of not being alone, rather wait for the right person who makes you feel special. If you are healthy, try to maintain it with quality sleep, eating right, staying hydrated & exercise. And if you smoke, stop, NOW. If you are in a career you love, good for you, you obviously made the right choice, now just try to be an exceptional employee everyone looks up to. If not, do some self-reflecting & see if another path would make you happier. So......all that being said, 5 years from now hopefully you will be able to say something like this to yourself, "I'm proud of the person I am. I have worked hard to have a life that is a healthy balance of work & play. I have a terrific support system with family and friends. I have a career that is fulfilling and successful. I am taking care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. I'm happy & looking forward to the rest of my journey." I hope you find all of this! Good luck.

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