How to change my selfish and money minded wife

As many have previously said, you can only change yourself. However, there are ways of changing oneself, of adapting new habits, that encourage those around us to also change as they adapt to the new you. Remember you are only in charge of your side of the conversation, how you perceive what she is doing/saying and what message you send to her in response. When you change your responses, she will eventually change her side of the conversation.

A question to ask yourself is, why has she become selfish and money minded, as you would not have married her if she was this way initially. So, are you tight with money? Did you make an unfair budget that doesn't give her any freedom or discretionary funds? Are you micromanaging the funds and causing her to feel guilty if she spends a little extra?

Are you considering her selfish when she doesn't do what you want, but instead is taking care of her needs? How did you change your side of the conversation/actions that encouraged her to change in self-defense?

All husbands which to be respected and all wife's wish to be cherished. When was the last time you let her know she was cherished? If you wish to put your marriage back on track there are things you can do....1. Watch the movie FIREPROOF, and gleam some ideas from it. Put aside the religious aspects of this movie and focus on the 40 day program that they suggest. 2. Read any and all books by Dr. Pat Allen, and follow her suggestions. Better yet, read one of her books, and have discussions about it, with your wife.

Again, when you change your side of the conversation, she'll respond differently and change herself. You can only change you. Are you willing to change just as you wished she would?

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