How to cheer someone up with their looks

First and foremost be honest.. Fake complements run out of steam after a while...

That means No exaggerations at all.. The person you are trying to cheer up generally knows how good he/she may look... So exaggerations won't be helpful...

Try n tell him/her how he/she makes you feel... Talk about the different emotions in which he/she looks the best as well as not so good...

Try n catch them by surprise while complementing.. Give the complement when they are least expecting it... You don't want to create a socially awkward situation though...

Mean it every time you say something about them.. If it is not coming from your heart it may not reach her heart..

It's really unfortunate that some people can actually master the art of complementing but I believe it comes out best when it comes from your heart.. Words then play a secondary role..

All the best

When a resturant offers 'bottomless coffee', why do some people wait till the end of the meal to order it?

Well in most of the civilized world, yes except America, beverages that are enjoyed with a meal are wine, water or beer. Coffee and tea are beverages drank at a snack time or with desert after a meal and never with a meal.If you ever travel to Europe you will notice really quickly. Even in America most

Could you live without religion?

Religions of Books and Institutions appeared only in the last 1500 years or so, The present creation is more than 100,000 years old. ( Satya Yuga-44000, Treta -33000, Dwaper-22000, Kali-11000)The basic meaning and purpose of 'religion' consists of two parts: 're' meaning 'again' and

What is the best professional dress form?

Well, I've been a designer and embroiderer for a long time and it's been 4 years since I established my blog Design My Costume. During these years my team and I tested a number of dress forms and we've recently made a list