How to commit to work out

Welcome to the club. I can think of many things I rather do than working out. Exercising is necessary though if you want to look good and be healthy. It took me many trials and errors before it became a habit. And that is key. Once it becomes a habit, you have a better chance of success. Like brushing your teeth. If you let your kids do what they want, they will go to bed without brushing their teeth. But as a parent, one has to go through the pain of instilling the habit, to the point the kids will not be able to go to bed unless they brush their teeth.

No one has time. I don't have it either, but decided to sacrifice something else to make it happen. These days I give up my lunch time at work to go walking. The first few weeks was tough, but I kept the end goal in mind. These days I'm able to run rather than walk. Afterwards I eat a salad (I know, yuck) in the office and/or drink a shake after the run. The job I had before did not allow me this flexibility, so I stopped by the gym after work. Yes, I got back home late and my sacrifice then was TV and family time. It is always a trade off. You will have to give up something to get something else. You take away from TV/video game/ family time, or lunch time, sleep time, etc. Just keep the end game in mind. I've been working out and eating better for a couple of years now and, though it is frustrating at times, overall I feel and look a lot better today than I did before I started. My kids are proud of me and though they are teens, they are not embarrassed by going out with me. I now see my wife trying to "catch up" too as she sees other ladies looking at me. It is a great feeling and it is contagious to those around you.

My advice to make working out less painful, is listening to a good playlist or, what works best for me: audio books. I go through 2 books a week. I love action/thriller books and they make the time pass quickly.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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