How to convince my wife to get fit

Are you fit? If you are not fit, then it is not fair for you to ask your wife to get fit.

Another thing is if your wife is not fit, then you can't force her to be fit and this will only push her away further.

If you do want to get her to be fit, you have to be part of it and set as a good example. Start by making healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner for her and let her learn that healthy foods aren't all bland and disgusting. They can be delicious. Here are some delicious easy recipes you can cook for her to change her mind about healthy eating:

Quick & Easy Recipes

Then you want to go workout with her or go hike, play tennis, play other sports with her. Maybe go find a dance class and go learn dance together.

Being fit doesn't mean that you have to go to the gym together and sweat there. It can so much fun and can greatly improve your relationship as well.

Hopefully this helps :-)

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