How to cut 3 inches from my 34-inch belly within a month? Is there any effective exercise which works fast

You need to do these 3 things everyday :

Exercises :

Make sure you do intense bodyweight exercises(jumps, squats, push-ups, pull ups) for just 10-15 mins, but do it everyday. Overdoing for long durations them will cause nausea or fatigue and even death in rare cases.

Do burpees every morning. At first, within 10 counts you will be nearly fainting but its the most effective fat loss exercise. Slowly you will be able to do 20 of them in 60 seconds. But its much more effective than running for 30mins on treadmills (they are waste of time for reducing fat! )

Watch Mike Chang's - 10 minute workout on youtube. He gives a brilliant demo by doing it himself with a 10 min timer and no equipments. You can do them at home for 1month . I tried the same and it gave good results.

Nutrition :

  1. Drink atleast 4 litres of water everyday. If you are awake for 14 hrs in a day then ensure you drink atleast 250–300ml of water every hour. (300x 14 = 4200ml=4.2L )
  2. Good nutrition and balanced diet is 90% of the journey to fat loss! You can exercise like hell everyday for hour or two but if your nutrition is not good then those exercises will never get you results.
    Avoid packaged foods and eat cooked foods. Also take salads and fruits when hungry instead of biscuits/chips.
  3. Have skimmed milk(less fat) rather than regular milk everyday.
  4. There are some good fats (essential fats) which are present only in peanuts, almonds, flaxseeds,dates etc. Take a handful of these thrice a day.

Results always take time! You can't get go flabs- to- abs in a week.
If you go for shortcuts like liposuction surgery you will later get a low count of Bone mineral density (BMD) and which results in pain at joints.

Our human body's digestion system is very complicated and varies from person to person(because enzymes behave differently) . What may work for one person may not work in same way for you but you have to keep making efforts.
Your willingness and willpower to become lean depends on the efforts that you make.
Stay fit and stay motivated. Always!!

Up to which age is it possible to gain muscle?

If you can eat, move, and rest you can gain muscle. You need to eat well enough to have the surplus to make muscle. You need to move enough to make your body want to make muscle. Finally you need to rest to make muscle. The main difference

What is the best way to gradually stabilize and increase strength in my triceps? The problem is, my triceps are very easily fatigued after a couple of exercises and then it becomes nearly impossible to complete the workout.

Here are the DOs and DONTsDo not overtrain: It means that in order to improve your triceps you are constantly trying to work them out. Just remember that no more than 9–12 sets per week should be done for triceps. Your arms get trained when you workout for Chest, Back and Shoulder so try

Non-vegans, are there reasons that deter you from adopting a vegan lifestyle other than the taste of meat?

Nutrition. Health.Veganism is not nutritionally adequate, it is poor, regardless of who tries to say otherwise. It is junk science, and has roots in religious bias due to seventh day adventists(religious vegetarians) infiltrating and took part in creating these dietary institutions and guidelines.Meat is the most nutritious food