How to destroy my ex husband

This is not something you should even consider, let alone think about. He's your ex, he's your past, keep him there. Whatever anger or resentment you may feel toward him, whatever wrong or hurt he may have caused you, this exercise wil only end up contaminating you and stealing precious time away from your life, your family and your friends. He's not worth it.

Your anger will grow, as will your hate, and it will morph into a full blown obsession. You'll spend days and nights plotting, planning, spying and who knows what else thinking this revenge will somehow rebalance all the wrongs done to you, real or imagined. It won't help anything.

The best revenge in this situation is "living well". Go out, pamper yourself, new hairdo, make-up, spa treatment and wardrobe. Seek counselling, meditation or yoga to refocus and find your inner peace and hopefully your happiness and joy again. You'be obviously lost all this in your marriage, and that's where your energy should go, not on him, because you've wasted enough of that all ready.

Monique, leave your revenge to karma. There is a famous saying, "before seeking revenge, first dig two graves." When you seek vengeance, you hurt yourself as well, if not more. You are not going to feel good about hurting him regardless if it is warranted or not. Your anger toward him will only increase if you preoccupy yourself with revenge. We all get hurt or taken advantage of at some point in our life, which is just a sad fact of human beings.

Living well is the best type of revenge; showing him that his negative actions did not phase you will infuriate him. Why are you allowing him to live rent free in your head? There is no reason to waste your precious time and energy worrying about someone that does not even matter. Retribution turns you into the thing that injured you in the first place. It is not worthy of you. If you concentrate on revenge, you will keep wounds fresh that would have otherwise healed.

"The best revenge is just moving on and getting over it. Don't give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer."

Karma is a bigger bitch than you need to be. What goes around, most definitely will come back around. Karma works because we remove ourselves from the cycle of bad behavior. Patience is a virtue in this situation, sit back and let Karma go to work. The best part is that when it eventually comes back to haunt him, you had no part in it and you will have a clean conscious.

Why We Should Leave Revenge To Karma

The past is over. He's over. Live well, be happy and focus on tomorrow. I wish you all the best Monique. Now wish it for yourself.

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