How to detoxify my body from marijuana, caffeine and MDMA (ecstacy)

The simple way to detox fast is to eat raw food, though most people seek to eat for pleasure, raw food probably wouldnt be your first choice as one gets gradually used to eating raw and its an aquired taste, in my personal opinion. I would say if you find it hard to begin eating raw take a good supplement high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are what purifies the body and cleanses from toxins such as drugs, caffeine and chemicals your skin comes into contact with. Rooibos tea instead of caffeinated tea is an excellent replacement as is grape seed extract. You could also take bicarbonate of soda to alkalinize your blood, and take a brisk 30-40 minute walk daily, taking deep breaths. Bicarb or baking soda is also used by athletes to introduce oxygen into the blood giving them a cutting edge speed wise. If you decide to use bicarb, not only will you alkalinize yourself but will prevent cancer cells from mutating. Other products I use for detox are blackseed, basil, turmeric/black pepper, olive leaf extract or carrot, beetroot, apple juicing

How do teachers balance work with life?

Down Time? What's that? I catch up on all of my stuff once I have a vacation. Winter break, Spring break, summer break, That's when I get personal stuff done. Monday through Friday, Regardless of Gretchen Carlson says, I work a good 12 hours a day. There is a lot

What are the best foods to eat before bed to burn fat while sleeping?

Food - that burns Fat - while you sleep | sounds like a joke to me. Fat can only be burnt when you need energy and your regular supplier of glucose are not enough. Liver is responsible for these functions - storing quality glucose in the form of fat for a rainy day usage or for a fight or