How to do humanitarian work while doing a full time job

While working a full time job? You can join Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Club, or other service organization that support humanitarian programs with their time, money, and expertise. You can volunteer evenings and weekends. Alternatively, you can make donations directly to reliable humanitarian responders online - there are many good ones including UNHCR, ICRC, UNICEF, IOM as well as international and local NGOs.

You can volunteer online, outside of work hours, via UNV Online Volunteering service

You can volunteer onsite, locally, doing work that relates to humanitarian work in your own community: helping refugees, helping people who are victims of domestic violence, helping educate the public about HIV/AIDS...

What is the one thing you wish you never bought?

Today I found this note in my kid's desk. He really loves his bike. However, he had fallen so many times from it and he's got all these scratches and scars on his formerly pristine little baby knees.

Which is the best place to travel for a girl, as a first time traveller?

If you're looking for travel within India-Try kerela or north eastBoth of these states have literacy next to 100% and the reason for mentioning literacy here is that they have low crime rates against women which is the major concern with travelling alone. Both of these states are nature's paradise as well with beautiful and clean forests.If

How to deal with unwanted surprise party

People who prepared for a surprise party do care about you and they want you to be happy. God knows how much time they spent to prepare everything discreetly and make it perfect. So if you're going to show discomfort,