How to do up to 20 pullups I do about 9 now

I don't agree that to do 20 pull ups in a proper form (at least your chin above the bar) is so easy, i don't see many that can do it, even on YouTube done in a proper form i can't see many do it above 25.. Besides you have to consider your own weight, if you weight 60kgs or 100kgs we are talking about different universes.. 60kgs 20pull ups is nothing special, if you are 100kgs is probably an elite level.

Regardless, an intresting method that works is this:

present max pull ups/3 , in your case 3. Do as many set of 3 reps as you can with 1minute rest. Done it? how many sets? ok, now 3 times a week do 75% -50%-100% of those sets. for two weeks. the third week in the 100% you try a new record of sets, surely you have improved a lot.

second part: work on doing sets effortlessly. Do three sets of reps for max without grinding reps, do the max it come quickly.. anothe time do a ladder1–2–3–4–3–2–1 with 10″ rest 2 times or 3 times. This is to train to grind reps. Just alternate those two kinds of train for 3 weeks..

At the end you would have a great improvement in 6 weeks

Why don't Muslim couples marry only to have sex (using condoms), then divorce after they are both done with each other, so as not to do haram?

Lol. That would be fraud. The folklore goes that done decades ago, kids from BYU, hormones raging, would drive toLas Vegas, get married for the weekend at the drive thru wedding chapels there, and have the union annulled in time for class on Monday.It's what you're talking about.It's also a mockery

What do you think of Beto O'Rourke standing up for Pete Buttigieg being heckled for being gay? What do you think of the woman shouting at Mayor Pete that "marriage is between a man and a woman?"

It strikes me as yet another example of the rampant hypocrisy that has infected our nation. Every where you turn, in both political parties, the Golden Rule is being violated.The Golden Rule is most certainly a moral instruction. But what is easily missed is that it is a simple litmus test for justice, equality, fairness,

Do girls even notice a shy guy?

No you are totally wrong if you assume that they don't notice the shy guy. I am a shyest guy in our class. More of an introvert. Never use to go outside to play games in games period and used to solve maths problems