How to earn Rs.100 per day

For the last two years I have been earning my money entirely online. Latest online developments have been proving that you can make money online. But it is very important to find genuine website on internet.

I am showing you below some of the best ways where you can earn Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 in a day.

  1. Marketing Research companies pay for Online Surveys:

Did you know that there are many market research companies out there who look for people who can offer informed opinions, feedback, suggestions and advice on their targeted products and services? The companies use this data to improve their offerings and make them more attractive to customers.

You can get paid for your opinion or get some attractive freebies by filling in online surveys whenever you are free. Most questions require you to just tap your answers (almost in the MCQ format) and you can easily do it whenever you are free such as watching TV or travelling in a bus or metro.

Register on 5-7 online survey websites and make an extra income of about Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 per month.

  1. Valued Opinions Sign Up
  2. Saybucks - Paid Online Surveys
  3. Ipoll
  4. Swagbucks
  5. Ipsos I-Say


Selling stock photography is the perfect way for a photography student (or anyone else who loves taking pictures) to make some extra cash! Once again, you can use your work to help build your portfolio as well as make money, so it's a win-win! Several websites (such as Stock photos, royalty-free images, video & music clips - iStock) pay you money every time someone downloads your photograph to use in an ad, article or brochure. Just keep in mind that if you offer pictures of people, you have to get signed release forms.

How to start:
How to sell photographs online
Top 10 sites to sell your photos online - Autographer Blog

3. Youtube Videos

To be able to earn money with YouTube, you need to make original Videos, you cannot earn money through Movie trailers or other copyrighted videos.

Videos may be anything out of the wild. You can make Videos of tips and tricks or Tutorials or to short out a particular type of problem and you can paste code on the stackoverflow or you can create programming learning videos etc.

And yes, with YouTube earning potentials are unlimited. It just depends on your skills to make a video which can go viral on the internet. Consider this, YouTube ChannleDC Toys Collector actually made $4.9 million in 2014 just by making videos of unboxing Disney toys.

To know more about how to Monetize from your YouTube video check my articlebloggerzarena.com8 Easy Steps To Make Money With YouTube Videos

4. Make Money By Playing Games Online (Testing/Reviewing)

Yeah by playing games! Did you ever wish for something like this to happen. You can keep on playing hours and hours, but this time you would be get paid. There are so many companies that pay out the gamers community to play on their games, often before releasing period so that they could give out their feed back. This lets the companies to improve any glitches or other gaming experience bugs that could later drop their game sales.

Few thousands dollars could save their entire millions project. Win win situation for both the parties. The gamers and the developers.

There are few such sites that require you to signup (paid) which i don't feel is much practical for students, so instead they could op tin for just paid to play games. Where you get paid by simply playing number of hours on the site.

The companies give out a portion of their ads revenue.

5. Freelancing: There are lots of websites which provides freelancing, the deal is about selecting the best one from it. If you go over these websites you can find that lots of people depend on these ones for full time income.Some people shares lots of interesting reasons also to do freelancing, some of them are.

  • Flexible work schedule- Some like to work in the midnight , and freelancing makes this possible.
  • More money- Once you build good reputations you can earn much more money than an average pay from a firm.
  • Interest of work- Can work on areas of their expertise and interest.
  • Relation with the client- Can interact with the client directly and may be a long term work relationship.
  • You can work as you wish, if you don't want to work just don't work.

6. Get Paid By Answering Questions

If you are good at any subject, you can always help others about it. Imagine answering questions in Yahoo answers and get paid. Student Questions and know Brainers can be a good example to give here.

Hope these ways would make you more productive. As an all, i am really in the favor of blogging. Though you wont be getting any instant money but after 8-10 months of handwork, you would find your self in a position which you might have dreamt of.

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