How to enjoy my work more and have more fun for my 9 to 5 office engineering job

Tommy, Do your job and then I either go home and take a nap (power nap) and then do something that you really enjoy at least 3 nites a week. I built my own homes. Garages, and cars. These kept me out of trouble or drinking. Gave me a look-forward break, Let me blow off some steam. Mental health time out. The houses I built were mine to live in. I made money when I sold them. The cars (Corvettes (old ones that needed rebuilding) Sports cars, and even one for my wife. All took pressure of the job away. When I drove one of my cars to work and parked it outside everyone wanted to know whose is it???? DID YOU GET A RAISE? I'll never tell. Smile and wave bye. Several would ask me MAN, how.... did you get a home like this? (I drew it up, got my building loan approved, passed all inspections (some of them on the third time). Hired out only what I dared NOT to try. The more you do the more confidence you have and gain. I had a $9,000.00 dollar loan on my first house. It sold before I got it finished. It was small but cute and well laid out. I made over $11,000.00 profit. In 9 months. Plus my regular job. I did not then know how to deduct my tools, gas to and from the jobsite, Saw sharpening, Plain iron sharpening. Broken bits. Etc. I did not have a cheap GOOD accountant. I used H&R Block. But soon learned from other small businesses someone WHO could save me even MORE much more. This all takes time. A learning curve. But IF you are still hanging with me are you STILL grumbling about your day job of 9 to 5????? You will make time to do this new project. A good wife helps. A bad one makes it rough on you. When she walks around in the new house or drives her new rebuilt car she'll see it differently. Just NEVER use what you do to go out on her or not take care of business at home.

Why are some people so confident?

Let's see. People can be very confident for the following reasons:They have done the thing they are confident about so many times in so many contexts that they feel there is little to none room for error. This is where knowledge or experience is at work;They visualize

What male body part do women find most attractive?

I have a lot of female friends who like to ask me questions regarding the male physique or at least ask me how guys turn a flab into muscle. From what I gather in the past 8 years of being the

Is exclusive homosexuality common within other species?

Apparently so:  Roy and Silo  Sheep, too, apparently:  "One species in which exclusive homosexual orientation occurs, however, is that of domesticated sheep (Ovis aries).[9][10] "About 10% of rams (males) refuse to mate with ewes (females) but do readily mate with other rams."[10]"  (~wikipedia)