How to fight a polar bear

unarmed? you cant. polar bears have been known to kill baleuga whales and have extremly powerful jaws and claws.they can take down a moose with ease and have also been known to kill a walrus with out much diffculty. if you have a rock try throwing at the bears eyes or nose.if that works, the bear will run off like its the plauge .ok,lets say that the bear isn't frightned and now all you have done has angered him even he's on top of you. if you have a clear shot,go for his eyes.the eyes are the most vulnreable part of any animal.if that doesn't work,you're bear scat

Mr. Robot (TV series): Does Elliot have schizophrenia?

Ok schizophrenia IS NOT the same thing as Dissociative Personality Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder), which the running theory amongst fans. He does exhibit some paranoid tendencies, but I hesitate to label him paranoid schizophrenic. Opiate addiction, a high stress job,

Isn't everyone fundamentally bisexual?

No. There's a spectrum. According to research, there are more bisexual people than 100% gay or straight people, especially if you classify someone as bisexual if he or she has ever, even once, felt attraction to someone of his or her own sex.Still, there are people at the far ends of the spectrum. I'm one of them. I

What types of exercises are excellent at helping me lose weight?

Assuming that you are basically healthy, any exercise that you can do for a long enough time at a high enough level of intensity so that you are a sweaty mess, gasping for breath, and so exhausted that you cannot continue and could not start again even at a lower level of intensity