How to find car condition, while buying used cars

U cannot check any car by yourself , you will need to hire a mechanic who will just check it for you

For that purpose first you need to finalise a car and till then what you can check is , the aging of paint

If the paint is different in some locations then that portion is repainted , but for that you need to be very attentive

And while opening the doors check whether the underside has been painted or not if you get rough feel then beware that might have rusted or under gone a accident

Moreover take the car no. And ask the company about servicing of car and what work has been done on it till date

How to incorporate educational technology in your classroom

Today textbooks are taken over by Chromebooks, blackboards are replaced by Smartboards and notes are transformed into video lectures. Technology has made information available on finger tips. Students are looking for more opportunities and tools to learn concepts with ease and strengthen their knowledge and understanding. They need a different perspective on education,

How much longer will it be for Tesla to make a profit?

They will never make a sustainable profit. But it's possible they report a profit for Q4. If so, it will involve a number of