How to get a divorce from my parents in India

If you are old enough and have the means/resources to care for yourself you walk out. You leave home.

You accept responsibility for your own life and go and live it as you want to live it, wherever you want to live it.

If you feel you need to I would go and talk to them and let them know what you're planning to do then do so. But only do this if you know they will not HARM YOU for saying these things. Be gentle as if they love you they will always try to protect you and care for you. Somewtimes what parents think is best is not the best for you! It is what they think is best for you but they are NOT YOU they are them and they do not ever know what is really in your heart.

Do not be cruel as one day you may regrest it veryy much if you hurt them. But if you know in your heart you have to leave then you must leave. But always best to go with thier blessings.

Parents are not gods. They only control you as much as you are willing to be controlled. Your life is yours! It is NOT theirs! You manage your life. Not your parents.

I hope you speak Hindi...

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