How to get a job in Australia

I guarantee, by the time you finish reading this article and apply what I say, you will 100% get your dream job in Australia.

I came to Australia in 2005 as a student to do my Bsc at Monash University, Clayton VIC. I finished my degree in 2009 and in the same year I landed a Web Designer job at a reputable company in Richmond.

Then I went to an even better job, then even better salary and along the way I worked at Deakin University, Burwood as a Web Development Coordinator as well.

Landing jobs were extremely easy for me. You might think I'm extremely smart and talented. NO! and NO!. I got normal grades at school and even in Uni. My programming skills are below the average requirement Employers looking for. Seriously. I am a Front-end Developer and my jQuery and Angular skills are around 3/10. So I am not the most skilled and experienced person.

I landed jobs because I followed a specific path and some secrets. I did few things other candidates didn't bother doing. I'm going to tell you all in this article.

My friends had a really hard time landing and I realised they have been doing everything wrong. Then I decided to teach people how to actually get a job.

I'm going to tell you how to get a job in Australia the easy way, no bull.

I'm a Sri Lankan. The whole process of getting a job is very different in here. This article is for all the International blokes who are having a hard time landing a job. Here you go...

1) Change your name.

Yes from today you will get yourself a name that's easy to pronounce and remember.

My actual name is Udara Uragoda. I changed it to Udi Ura. I still apply for jobs with my original name, but you get better chances with an English name. If you are Ching Chong, change it to Michael Chong. You get the idea right? Same with Indians, Bangladeshis, Vietnamese etc. Change your name. Why? Because it's simply easy to remember and pronounce.

EDIT: Some asked me if they have to change the name "legally". No! Just a pet name. Everyone has one, so get one for yourself as well.

2) Get your own domain name.

Now, if your new name is Udi Ura, get, if its Jay Singh, get It's $12 per year, $24 for 2 years on Crazy Domains. Why? I'll explain further down.

3) Setup a Professional Email account.

Then set up a professional email account that goes with your domain. Then create email address for yourself. Then set it up on your Mobile as well.

Don't ever email your CV / Resume from your Gmail addresses or Hotmail address especially if you are in IT. But this applies to everyone. You have 0% chance on landing a job with spammy email addresses. Emailing from Gmail and Hotmail was ok 15 years ago when Emailing was new, but now things have changed and you have to change accordingly. IT has changed a lot and its now easily accessible for everyone.

You might land a job but you have to be really lucky or you must have some really unique skills and experience other candidates don't have. But for the rest all of us, that's not the case.

You can set up this from crazy domains as well. Ask for their help Domain Names Search - Domain Name Registration Australia

4) Now setup a simple Website for yourself.

If you don't know how to, then get someone from FIVERR to setup a simple wordpress site for you.

Keep everything simple. Don't follow the CV structure you followed when you were back in your country. Keep it really simple on the website as well. I'll tell you more about the CV structure later.

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