How to get a part-time job in France

Finding a job in France is no different than in any other country. You'll generally need to prepare an excellent handwritten C.V. You'll see examples on many of the websites below. You'll find job adverts in local newspapers, websites and also local employment offices, called "PE," which means Pole Emploi, and it's with employment comes unemployment, which typically leads people to France's national job center. Occupying a part-time job in France have many appropriate and distinct requirements.

France is Europe's second-largest economy which makes the country one of the most popular destinations for students and graduates in search for part-time jobs. Being able to speak French at least at a conversational level is a prerequisite for the majority of jobs offered by employers in France, so taking a language course before applying for part-time jobs is highly recommendable for non-native speakers.

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The first option is try searching the Internet for the availability of online jobs for students.

The good news is

a) By applying for a part time job

b) By going through an interview

c) If you have the require skill set - language and other skills, the company or the service provider may hire you

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