How to get fit, get skinny, and lose fat as a teenager

Before anything rule out pregnancy . Second take up non competitive bodybuilding and get a physically demanding job after school then google Dave Ramsey and get on his program.

The most effective way to burn fat off is WORK - you are active longer per day than exercise in a gym, plus get a pay check.

Try long term non competitive bodybuilding, eat healthy, keep total calories and activity levels and workout cycles - within middle of the road for you and only eat what agrees with you. The physique will take care of it's self over time.

ectomorph - naturally very lean has trouble keeping weight up (including muscle too )

mesomorph - naturally muscular relatively lean .

endomorph - holds onto and builds muscle but holds onto and stores body fat predominately . Most folks are a mix of the three.

Food plays a vital part of health and keeping lean - and WHAT is eaten is as important as HOW MUCH and WHEN and HOW OFTEN.

What are the main cultural differences between Japan and the USA?

I have been associated with a couple of Japanese companies over the years, and have traveled to Japan as their guest. I have also worked with several Japanese workers and managers in various circumstances and count several as friends. My perspective and experience is based mostly on business so I'll focus on that aspect of cultural differences.In

Why do almost all teen boys have six pack abs?

Because most are skinny.Those muscles don't just appear because you did a bunch of crunches. They always exist. A small layer of fat can hide them through.I have a long torso and shorter legs. I'm 6'0 for reference. In my

What would happen if I exercise 6 days per week?

A2A.If you are already exercising 5 days a week you should have thought over the pros and cons carefully so you wouldn't need to ask.So I'm going to assume you are not doing that.I would not recommend going from 0