How to get into shape if I'm skinny fat right now? I've been doing weight training for almost a year now, trying to gain some muscles. Would it be better if I combine body weight exercises & resistance training & how long should I keep bulking

While i'm not visually a great example for this type of thing (i've always been kinda heavy), I know that if you want to change your body in any way, whether it's gain muscle, lose fat, bulk up, trim down or whatever combo of things you want, that it's 80% diet and 20% exercise (give or take).

So while the working out is great for you and will make you stronger, if you're looking for a visual change and a huge performance boost, you should talk to a nutrition expert, explain your goals and have them formulate an eating plan for you.

I mentioned in my first sentence on this post that i've always been kinda heavy. I have a bad habit of stress eating. So while i can do a split, kick over my head and can stand toe to toe with the MMA fighters in my gym for 3 rounds, I still have extra body fat on my body. Years ago when i was training to compete, and i followed a strict eating plan, i dropped that extra weight much easier and looked a lot more trim.

So, your diet is key. Figure out what your body needs to compliment that working out you mentioned.

Is hot yoga better than regular yoga?

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What is the systematic way to develop a muscular body?

To begin... First you need to lose all the excess FAT in your body by doing Cardio-exercises of your choice.Then.... once you've Shredded all the excess fat from your body... you're halfway through this process.Now , what you need to do is start doing

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