How to get marketing job in Microsoft or Adobe

Hello! For getting a marketing job in Microsoft or Adobe you should keep checking their careers websites and apply to which ever is relevant to you or if you know someone who is working there then you can ask them to refer you and you can get in easily or Consulants which help you with these companies. I would suggest you can contact Randstad they might help you. Good luck!

How did humans survive amongst a vast variety of species? Which species are the most dominant after humans?

Dominance depends on how you measure it. For instance, your intestine is completely full of bacteria. If you could get rid of all of it, well, you can't. It helps you digest food. Does that mean it's dominating you?This question is asking how did we

What were the instances when foreign invaders were surprised of the wealth in India?

There were many instances when foreign invaders were surprised to see the wealth of the golden bird(India) and many(not exactly invaders) are surprised to see our great potential and wealth. So here are the instances:-1.)Ghazni- The afghan ruler of Ghazni was dumbfounded by India's great wealth and attacked India around 20 times from 1001–1018. In

If Venus switched places with Pluto, how long would it take for it to cool down?

How long to freeze Venus's atmosphere? [Archive]From the link:-Martin J. Fogg goes into this in some detail in his book, "Terraforming." According to him, with a complete cutoff of sunlight, it would take a total of about 200 years in 5 stages. The first period, where the pressure would stay roughly