How to get my ex-wife back

I am going to give you some advise that will work for an ex wife or girlfriend. It's very specific in the situation it will work with. This can work if it's your partner who asks for a break. I guess it may work in other instances, but my personal experiences dealt with the following.

Most of the time when a relationship ends, both parties are well aware that things are breaking down. This is when couples tend to have conversations about ways to repair it. Depending on the amount of investment, usually determines the amount of effort you put into repairing the relationship. IME whenever someone asks for a break, it's already over and it's the very beginning of what is inevitable. I've learned over the years what to do and what not to do.

If someone wants a break you should not contact them. They want space so give it to them. Don't contact them for weeks, if at all. If you decide to chat with them by sending texts don't send novels of it. Don't try to explain or state your case. All you are doing is pushing them further away. Respect their wishes and give them that space.

Now start working on yourself. Re establish your friendships that probably took a backseat to your relationship. Go to games, play pick up basketball, go to movies, out to bars, do a weekend trip. What you want to do is just enjoy your new found freedom. It will help you forget about your ex. If you do social media, go and post your exploits. It can be anything as long as whoever is watching, sees that you are living life.

Try a new hobby you've been putting off. I've taken dance classes that really helped me learn skills that were assets being a single guy. Join social groups locally, the bottom line is to enjoy life.

Why do you do all this? Well it will keep you busy so that you don't dwell on the breakup. It will keep you from trying to call or text. It allows your ex to have her space with ease. It's better than staying at home wondering what she is doing....

In a few months try texting her. Maybe say something like " hey the other day I was at (your favorite couple's restaurant) with a friend and we shared a (favorite appetizer) and it reminded me of the first time we tried it....It's as good today as it was the first time....

Or call her and say you're at the store looking for a birthday gift for your sister. And you're stumped, could she give you some advise since she is such a great gift buyer...

.and that's how it starts. You have to start over. Your old relationship is done, let it go, and start fresh, with the new you. Keep your contact short and see how she reacts. She may have already moved on, but don't worry so have you. And chances are that you won't even make that text or call months later. Because you will be over her as well!

How to get my wife with BPD back

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