How to get skinny and lose fat as a teenager and be happy with it

I put those numbers into a Metric BMI Calculator, and it tells me your BMI is 21.3, and that's near the middle of the "Normal Weight" range. At the moment, your weight is fine. If you look fat, then you might need to build more muscle.

Physical activity is still good for you, even if it's fun. If running is boring, there are many other ways to be physically active. Some examples of other ways to get physically active include swimming, sports, dancing, parkour, and martial arts. Even if you're not allowed to leave the house, you can learn dance moves, yoga, and martial arts from YouTube videos. Game apps will give you points and unlock other parts of the game for doing exercises. Some fitness apps will even give you free goodies or donate to charity if you complete their healthy exercises. There are many fun ways to be physically active. Try all of them and figure out which one works best for you. Even after you find an activity you like, it's still good to keep trying new things every once in a while. Doing the same activity over and over trains your body to do it more efficiently and burn fewer calories, so variety might be good for your body!

Everybody has different reasons why junk food is so addictive, and it can be very difficult to figure out why junk food is so addicting for you personally, but it's worth trying different things until you figure out what works for you.

  • Something to try is to drink a cup of water and have a serving of a healthy whole vegetables, fruits, or nuts before you eat any junk food. You need water, fiber, protein, and vitamins. Part of the problem with junk food is that it's often a lot of calories without a lot of nutrients that your body needs, so try to make sure you get those nutrients first.
  • If you're addicted because you feel the need to keep your mouth occupied, try something that will last in your mouth and give flavor for a long time. Some people recommend chewing gum or sucking on hard candy to replace chips or other junk food that gets swallowed in large quantities. You can also try to eat slowly: smell the food first, lick the food when you put it in your mouth, hold it in your mouth and savor the taste, and chew slowly and thoroughly, extracting every bit of flavor before you swallow the food so that it takes longer to eat.
  • Another tactic is to make junk food less convenient. If you pick up junk food on your way home, try taking a different path. If the junk food is normally on the counter, then go through the effort put one serving on a plate or in a bowl and then put away the rest of the junk food behind some healthier food. When you're done with that one serving, wash the plate and wait for it to dry before getting another serving.
  • If you tend to eat junk food after dinner, then one trick might be to always brush and floss after dinner. If you want junk food after that, then you can have one serving, but you have to brush and floss yet again after eating that one serving.
  • Some people use junk food during social occasions to change the pace of conversation. If your mouth is full, you don't have to answer right away. If that's why you're addicted to junk food, then drinking water can work as delaying tactic too.
  • Sometimes, eating junk food is just an automatic habit. If that's the case, then try eating mindfully. If you're eating, then focus on eating. Don't watch TV or listen to music or read or type or talk while eating. If you must eat junk food, then just focus on eating and do nothing else.
  • The right amount of sleep can help too. Getting too much or too little sleep can make people crave food. Getting too little sleep is more common than getting too much sleep, so if you're not sure, try sleeping more to see if that reduces food cravings.

Those are only some ideas. Everybody's different, and different tricks work for different people. If you don't know where to start, it's fine to just pick a suggestion randomly, but observe carefully how each change affects you. If the suggestion doesn't work, try a different one. Eventually, you should hopefully figure out when and why you keep eating junk food (and there could be more than one reason), and then you can come up with solutions that address your unique underlying problems.

Good luck and best of health to you!

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