How to get strong bones and muscles fast

your words clearly indicates that you still beileve that pigs can fly..

rome was not build in a day .. you should never ever i stress never ever try some short cuts for any sort of physical fitness you wish to achieve in the upcoming future. there may be many sorts of tonics available in the wide market but intake of those will have tremendous amount of side effects for your body which would definitely affect you in the long run.

try push ups on regular basis start with a 30 push ups ..

if you are struggling with sorts of pushups..

facing any kind of didfficultieds in doing it i recommend you to do 60 wall pushups to overcome the effects of the 30 normal pushups..

reduce intake of carbohydrates and start intaking protien in large amount. you should focus mainly on the whey protien as it will help a lot in the work out deal .. but you should keep in m ind intake of protien can make your body more fatter so you should regularly workout ..

maintain a healthy diet.. must include green vegetables, milk eggs, fish(whichever you prefer)...

wishing you happy bones!!!!!!!!!

thank you,

trying to be a gym expert though frankly speaking i'm not...

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