How to go to Thailand

I have booked Tour package from Shree Global Holidays, Lucknow for my one relative. It was international package to Bali.

Experience with Shree Global was really bad. They have assured comfortable flight but provided flight with no meal and no arrangement of taxi was made. Water activity like banana ride.. assured was not provided.

As part of concession Candle Night Dinner was assured but denied at location i.e Bali.

Hotel/ Accomodation assured at Ramayana Resort/ Spa , Bali was changed on location.

My relative's honeymoon was spoiled by Shree Global. Even they have taken Handsome amount. When asked for refund after dragging for 2-3 month, they have refunded only claim of water sport activity. Very Bad Experience

That's interesting.

It just involves planning.

You can do so by logging on to TRAVART Travel and Explorations: Epic trips created by REAL TRAVELLERS. Say NO to Travel Agents!

These people, apart from their own packages, help their customers customise their own vacation. They have easy payment options and wide itenary to plan your next vacay from.

I totally recommend you to at least checkout them atTRAVART Travel and Explorations: Epic trips created by REAL TRAVELLERS. Say NO to Travel Agents! .

Also, being a travel company and not agent, they do no have stupidly high prices digging holes in customer's pockets.

And I have heard that travelling in group costs less.

Happy travelling!

you can check this website Explore thailand - FreeWayzone for your question - F

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