How to gradually progress on lifting heavy in compound exercises like bench press, squats and deadlifts

You need to Squat to squat more. And you will improve.

Yes, you are already doing the best training to improve.

Here are some keypoints to keep in mind:

  1. Dont rush. It takes time to improve muscles, and muscle groups (whole leg here) takes even more time.
  2. Make sure you never, yes, never bend your back to get up during squat. You can get serious injuries.
  3. Try to squat without smith machine, as right posture and natural joint movement is very important specially when you are going heavy. Use squat rack.
  4. Take proper rest. Because it takes time for muscles to get repaired, And then some more time to build extra muscles for better strength. And if you dont give your body enough time, they will not be able to recover or improve.
  5. And Nutrition rich diet (enough carbs to build new muscles, protien to repair muscles etc etc). You can never miss on Nutrition.
  6. And always warm up but try not to exhaust your legs before squatting.

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