How to hack online games

cheat codes, cheat engines, hackers d'nt die easily in game s but blocks easily in online games, specially in steam / origin etc.

Is the hack possible ? Yes and No.

The chances you could hack an online game actually depends on the server the game is using.

I once managed to get 9999999 points on Mini Militia Online, which is a server game and was able to sync the score to the server, so every time I login to my account on any new phone, I would have unlimited battle points and ranks. Same can be done to many other online mobile games as well as PC games if you change the score before logging in for first time.

On other games, such as CS:GO, Clash of Clans and many others, they implement a strict no-cheating policy. You have to log in every time before starting the game, and if the server detects abnormal change in score or points, they put the account to the blacklist or to another, more complicated server which decides if the player is actually very good at game or he/she is cheating.

On other hand, people have been found hacking the entire servers to cause changes in points, which seem to work initially, but sometime later, the hacks were found and reverted, causing many people to lose their accounts.

Bottom Line : Not Impossible, but not as easy as it may sound.

Hacking online games is fun you really dominate all players and its risky you might get banned but its worth it, even in a short time you get famous for hacking the game lol.

1. Online games today are server-sided which is very hard to hack.

2. You can use Hex Editor, editing the value of your sword, gun, hp, etc to dominate the game, if its works then enjoy or you get disconnected soon.

3. Sending random packets to the core server, This is the one reason why online games suddenly crashed / get offline. This is the right time access the admin panel and change whatever you want. (You must have access first)

4. Use Hydra (Linux) Brute force the server Username / Password so you can do the step #3.
It depends on the game, but typically it is done with DLL Injection. A lot of online games have anti-cheating systems that detect these cheating attempts, will in many cases auto-ban your account permanently.

To begin with, look into CheatEngine; An ancient program that can modify memory in "real time" that probably still works today. You will most likely have to Google around for some guides on how to use CheatEngine, as just launching the program and looking at it will be of no use. (Unless you already have an idea about how games store variables in memory and how you modify them with CheatEngine.)

This is where self-discipline kicks in, as you have two choices:
A) Learn how to use CheatEngine; or
B) Not learn anything because <insert excuse / too much work>.

Ages ago in "Internet time", I did create hacks for World of Warcraft. By playing around with CheatEngine I managed to find a "No Clip" hack, which when combined with a "Fly" hack that someone else discovered, and a modified client, would take you to the GM Island on the real servers. Anyway, that's an ancient hack.

Some online games may have "GM Tools / Console" that you can hack into, simply by knowing how to access them (i.e. "forceful browsing"). In this case, you will have to reverse engineer the online game which may help, or have an insider contact give you some information as to what triggers the "GM Tools / Console". In any case, start with CheatEngine.

Note: I didn't mention just checking out the packets sent by the client to the server with e.g. Wireshark. This can help in creating a hack too, if you understand the packet structure and "Fuzz" the server. Keep in mind that fuzzing a game server with random packets is generally considered illegal.
Rule number one: You don't.

But as a theoretical exercise:

Online games work on a server-client principle: There is a remote server and then there are local clients, like the "game" you are running when playing. They communicate using a clearly defined PROTOCOL, which defines what data is sent by the server to the client, and what data is sent from the client to the server. If you can intercept this communication and replace/modify it in such a way that
(a) the modified communication follows the protocol, and
(b) neither the client nor the server can realize the communication has been tampered with,

then you have "hacked" the game.

There are ways in which they can make hacking either impossible or cost-prohibitive (it would cost more to achieve the result with hacking than via normal play). Furthermore, it is possible and indeed common that the company behind the game is doing follow-up reviews/analyses of the communication/data, and when they discover suspicious patterns, they can act on those discoveries.
Example: Imagine an MMO which was designed in such a way that every dungeon has a treasure chest at the end which, when opened, spawns a random amount of precious gold, ranging from 10 to 10.000. Let's say that the "random roll of the dice" is done by the client. In that case, you might hack the communication of your client telling the server how much you got, and force it to always say "I got 10.000 gold". It would work perfectly each time - but a month from now, the company will run a review of all treasure drops of each player, and discover that you got 20 dungeon treasures, each at 10.000 gold. Now since chances of such result are only 1:100000000......0, they will realize that you hacked the game, and ban your account.

Hacking can simply be injecting code into the game data to enable you to take advantage of the game data itself.

An example of this in FPS online games is that you get the info of where the other player models' are yet you shouldnt be able to see them through walls, which you can somehow make a graphic which points to where a player model is, depending on how the game was made it can be actually hard.

Moba games like LoL this is also applied in the fog of war.

We could go forward by talking about scripting, which is simply injecting code that basically helps you do something when something else happens, like automatically dodging a skillshot by moving perpendicular to the shot's trajectory after it is released, or controlling the mouse to look at the head of a player model in a FPS.

When you are making a game you can see that these hacks are extremely easy to implement as it is really simple maths involved, thats why developers obfuscate their code and design better network and data checking systems.

We could also make every single check server sided and send all data from the server every single tick but that would easily overload any server, thats why you get the information of the whereabouts of a player near you, as the server wont actively check whether you can see him or not.

On MMORPGs it really depends i guess. Hacking in those is most frequently hacking accounts or exploiting bugs in the game, as pretty much your computer only processes the graphics of the game, almost everything else is server sided.

Please feel free to quote me if im wrong on something, as i am by no means an intellectual on the subject and i simply assume how things are made in these situations.

It is also worth nothing that every game is different in its core so many things listed above might not be appropriated.

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