How to hack the CSR Racing Android game

First of all, you need to root your device. Secondly, you need to have app named "Game Guardian". Now open the GG and open the game app. All CSR games have "profile" tab in them. It's a place where all your stats are written. In there you'll see the amount of cash you have earned during the game. You will need that value, because only by changing it you can "hack" your game.Now open GG, find that value, and change it into whatever you want.

So you have hacked the "money". But hacking the gold in the game is a litlle more difficult. You'll need the gameplay earnings value for this one. You need to find the exact value, other ways it wont work. So when you find that value again, click on it. Press "GO TO" and you will see a lot of information in front of you. Now I have to mention, that only the first number matters. The first one on the top of your screen will be the money. For example you have 2000 cash, there it will be shown like 2000D. If you change that amount, the amount of your cash will change too. The same thing goes with gold. If you have 20 gold, in that menu you'll see it as 20D. You need to scroll down a bit and you should find it. Don't change any values that are not the same as your gold amd cash values, because you might glitch out the game a bit. And I repeat, only the first numbers matter. And the cash and gold values will be the same as the current ones, that are shown on the game.

I hope this was helpful, and I know that this is the worst tutorial you ever read. But if you didn't get it, try searching on youtube "csr 2 hack root" and you'll find it. I'm telling you to search exactly for csr 2, because the other csr games don't have any tutorials, but you can use the same method for all csr games, because all of them have the "Profile" tab.

Oh and if you haven't rooted your phone yet, you can use KingRoot, it roots your phone quite easily, and it's not permament root, so you cam unroot your device any time. Just download the apk, you should find it easily. Or maybe it on google play store, I'm not sure. Almost all devices are comatible with Kingroot, so you should be able to root your phone easily.

Good luck!

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