How to help my high school teachers

Ask the teacher if you can help them with anything but don't insist on helping if they say no. Some students ask to help because they just want to spend time with the teacher. Lots of teachers don't mind but it can create extra work if the teacher feels like they need to come up with a project for you to help with.

If you truly want to help make a teacher's job easier listen to directions and follow the classroom rules and procedures.

A large part of the job of a teacher is classroom management. If you behave in class and encourage your friends to do the same that is the most helpful thing a student can do.

It also never hurts to try to leave the classroom cleaner than you found it. Teachers end up spending a lot of time cleaning up after kids, especially art teachers. I taught art and spent a ton of time cleaning art supplies.

Make sure you obey school rules, and classroom rules. Teacher have to spend way too much time on classroom issues. But don't try to enforce rules on other students. That's not your job, and will just cause trouble.

Have a good attitude about your classes, and enjoy the learning process. Nothing is more encouraging to a teacher than students who "get it". This may make you a target for the ill will of certain students, so in some schools you may have to be somewhat circumspect about this item.

Some teachers may have volunteer positions for helping. In schools, this is most commonly seen with music (sheet music librarian) and with sports (team equipment manager, and other volunteer roles.)

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