How to immigrate to New Zealand

Yes, all you have to do is to comply with the rules laid down and if you do and you therefore qualify, they will let you in. Simple. Go to the New Zealand Governments relevant Internet page and probably all you need to know is there.

You must remember New Zealand is further away from any other land mass of a similar or larger size than any other country in the world.

The best advice is to go for a holiday there it will show your commitment to the country when you apply for immigration. If you are a European with building skills for instance a Polish carpenter you can get a two year work visa and virtually everything organised for you if you are willing to work restoring Canterbury or Kaikora which have both been badly damaged by earthquakes, if you think you will not get on under the threat of another earthquake New Zealand gets 15,000 earthquake events every year! One threw me out of bed.

It's little difficult to immigrate to New Zealand Why don't you go for Canada or Australia. They have also more or some similar condition to New Zealand .

New Zealand, Australia and Canada all are huge countries and are more or less similar in terms of Economy, infrastructure, facilities, people standard of living and other such factors.

In fact you will get more opportunities in Canada and Australia in comparison to New Zealand.

Are you wondering, is there an alternative? Is relocation is the ultimate idea? If it is, then, which country? Can I get a hassle free permanent residence? Can I get free education for my children? Can I get free medical for my family? Can I get jobs for me and my spouse? How much time it may take for a permanent residence? Get answer to all your queries:

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Nz official government website for immigration.

New Zealand Visas | Immigration New Zealand

You are more likely to be accepted if you have a skill (especially one that is in demand in nz), Skill Shortage List Checker – Immigration New Zealand

Or if you have a NZ firm that is already offered you Employment.

Study, job or PR? Which is the best pathway into New Zealand?

What are the best excuses you may have thought of for coming late to the office?

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