How to impress a divorced women

That question is wrong on so many levels. "Divorced women" are not a different species, they are like "Regular" women. So there isn't any specific skill you can master to "Impress".

If you think that your pseudo sympathy will get you in her good books then please spare yourself and more importantly spare her. Divorced or not, just be yourself around her.

I am sincerely hoping this question was asked with all the good intention, and if so, then good luck to you, and if not, then requesting you to leave her alone.

How do narcissists get revenge?

Narcs get REVENGE by doing anything that they know would really HURT you. WHATEVER it TAKES they will DESTROY and play MIND GAMES to TEACH you a LESSON to send you a MESSAGE DONT PLAY WITH ME I AM THE BOSS AM in CONTROL AND I WILL HAVE THE LAST SAY!He has so much HATE

How is it okay to ask a guy out if men like to chase women?

First of all, it's scientifically proved that women tend to be more attracted towards men whose feeling are unclear: ‘He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...': Women Are More Attracted to Men Whose Feelings Are UnclearChasing is actually a feminine trait. Afterall feminine energy (the natural predominant core in women) is about emotions,

Are investments in IFAZONE real or fake? How is the IFAZONE company?

IFAZONE is a garments brand . Here is not any kind of investment . It's not fake .My self Naveen bhati from greter noida I have done BBA from CCS university after my graduation i am try for the government sector job . But I am