How to improve my English writing skills

Tips to improve on your existent writing skills:-

  • Become a "Grammar Nazi":-
  1. (High School English Grammar) is the finest book in grammar that I have ever come across in my life.

  • Become a "Vocab Ninja":-
  1. Whenever you come across a new word, don't overlook it.
  2. Use the word frequently in my answers. For Example, "Flabbergast" as a synonym for "Amaze/astonish".
  3. Frequent usage impregnates the new found word in my mind.
  4. Listen to people with an amazing vocabulary. (The Newshour: With Arnab Goswami) Words such as, "hooliganism", "vandalism", "chauvinism" and "nuance" were cherry picked by me during one of his heated debating sessions.
  5. The book titled (Word Power Made Easy) teaches you new words systematically.
  6. This website ( also helped me learn new words through a thorough and step-by-step analysis.

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