How to lessen my fear of slipping on ice


We cannot change our reality unless we leave it and if this is not an option for you they you need to change your perspective.

Firstly, accept that the odds are you are going to fall occassionally, everyone will. You see not broken or damaged, it's just a fact of life where you live.

This works better is you see listening to another person giving you the instruction.

Please find someone you trust & feel safe with to read you these instructions.

You will be lying or sitting with your eyes closed.

Next, find a spot to sit or lie and relax.

Breathe in gently through your nose and release a long sigh on the out breath through the mouth.

Do a number of these until you feel your body relaxing and sinking into the space you are in.

See yourself a having fallen on some ice. Then you are sitting up on that cold wet space and allow yourself to feel all those emotions you would normally experience in that situation.

List your emotions, call them out to the person witnessing this with you.

Now repeat your breath practice as above, until you feel less anxiety, more relaxed.

Next with your eyes closed, visualize yourself stepping out of your body and stepping back about six paces.

Far enough to be a new perspective of the first you but close enough to identify with Her and of her fears.

From this perspective,( that of a concerned bystander), what do you notice

Is there and blame attached

Is She at fault for falling in ice

Is She the only one who falls on ice

Is she in some way defective for falling in ice

Is it irrational for Her not to like falling on the ice

Any other questions or observations you can create, please do so.

Take a break now,

Relax and breathe

When you are ready, step back out of this second aspect of you, at least 20 pisces.

Then walk around to the far side so you see looking st both aspects of yourself at position one and two.

Asking yourself the same questions a again,about your fear of falling on ice from this different perspective.

How is it different

Is it more peaceful

Do you feel less fearful fun this position

Would it be better for you to look upon ice fun this point of view, would it be of benefit to change your perspective to either this one or the middle one.

This is you healing yourself so ish seeing Auth these perspectives

Ask more questions, make more observations

Take your time with this

If your need to, create another perspective, this is you healing you, Taking charge of your well being, you cannot do this wrong, you know you best,so allow yourself the time to create as many perspectives s you need to know the holding onto a fear of falling on ice as a condition is one of the many things we do to ourselves and when we change our perspective we heal

When you are finished creating new aspects and you have answered all your questions to your satisfaction, you are great to complete the practice.

See yourself stepping back into the previous aspects, taking their perspectives into the same aspects

3 into 2- 2 into 1 and when you are ready 1 into yourself

Now review your fear of falling on ice fun the perspective of your choice

I hope this helps you as much as it does my clients

May God bless you and keep you safe

Richard T

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