How to lose 10kg weight while working in night shifts


Many people who work in night shift are prone to gain weight due to uneven sleep hours, working time, Stress, and Eating Habits.

There are many ways to reduce your current weight, like:

  • You can take advantage of your night shifts and do the things according.
  • Means, Prepare your own healthy food and have it whenever you feel hungry. Just have a focus on time and your food.
  • Try to eat less during your night shift. Generally, our body has more digestion capacity during the morning and less during the evening.
  • Drink more water. People won't drink enough water during their work time. You just make a habit to drink more amount of water.
  • Restrict unwanted things (consumption of alcohol, Smoking, Processed food. etc).
  • Avoid taking too much of Stress. It is just a waste of your time.
  • Do regular workouts in the morning and don't stick to the chair during your work. Do some stretching exercises.

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