How to lose 8 pounds in 8 days

OBESE*: Time tested with no scope for anorexia symptoms. Those putting up weight, without eating much food stuff, may go in for thyroid check-T3, T4 & TSH. However, Acupressure techniques can regulate, thyroid function, on daily basis. Strong determination is sine quo non + strict compliance. A rough idea about normal weight is -----Suppose height is 5'.5" that means --5'x 12 + 5"=5 Kgs=65 Kgs. if complied with all stipulated instructions like rituals.

Causes of obesity-hypothyroid, genetic pre-dispositions, binge eating fat rich Pizzas, Burgers, fast food + sedentary life styles and no exercise.

One loses fat from one organ & another, the way it was accumulated.

Details follow:

1. More so, it applies to modern ladies. In this generation, female is getting highly qualified & her earning is as much as or even more than male. But her duties as house wife, stress as employee/employer increased many folds eroding into her health. Many housewives are vulnerable to Hypothyroid, Diabetes & BP issues. In hypothroid, ladies put-up weight without binge eating too. The stipulated instructions hold good for both male & female.

I lost 1 Kg a day for a week with this diet. I tried when I was 64 years old. Then my wife said, ‘enough'.

Then several NRI girls from US, Australia, UK were happy to lose weight with strong convictions, by not getting tempted to sumptuous + tasty cooked food stuff.

Items 1 & 2 help to reduce excess heat from your body.

1. Aloe Vera Juice = 30 ml + 1 tsp of honey t.d.s.

2. Make a powder with 1 tsp of black pepper + 8 tsp of misri/sugar crystals, and store it in a glass bottle. Take 2 glass of water + 1 large spoon of such heat reducing powder in an empty stomach daily in the morning for 1 month.

2. Drink water 2 glasses in empty stomach, after brushing teeth, 1 glass every hour--2 hrs. after lunch & dinner. Stop drinking water after 8 pm. It ensures blood circulation, release of excess heat from body, good digestion, enable kidney functioning upto optimum levels.

3. Kapalbhati and Bhastrika: Kapalbhati - Sit upright in a quiet place. Inhale, squeeze in your pelvis and Exhale & release pelvis pressure very fast through the nostrils. Start with 10 times and gradually go upto 100 times in a minute through the nostrils. Do this Pranayam for two minutes twice a day.

4. Bhastrika – Open the mouth and inhale & squeeze in your abdomen slowly through it and then immediately blow out hard by releasing abdominal presure. Do it 1 to 15 times. Do this pranayam every time after you do Kapalbhati. These will clear any congestion in the head as well as nose. Start with 10 times and slowly increase to100 times.

5. • Pranayam*: The easy four-step way –

1st step: Inhale the air counting 1,2,3,4.

2nd step: Then keep the air in the lungs counting 1,2,3,4. Close eyes, nostrils for strucked-up inhaled oxygen to pump into brain, eyes, throat, ears, etc. It increases lung capacity to withhold oxygen.

3rd step: Then exhale the air counting 1,2,3,4. To drive out blocked energy + toxins from affected organs cited in Step-2.

4th step: Pause-do not inhale counting 1,2,3,4. This ensures rest to lungs to recuperate by leaps and bounds.

5th step.

Then repeat 10 to 15 times, three to four times a day and with practice go on increasing the count to 10. During the pause, the lungs will get rest and are revitalized.

Once you reach a count of 10, you do Pranayam as follows:


Inhale counting 10

Retain counting 20

Exhale counting 10

Refrain-Pause counting 10.

i.e., 1:2:1:1

All the above steps shall regulate your body heat. Start with 10 times & increase it slowly to 25 times.

"Exclude" cooked food, burgers, pizzas, noodles, Chowmein, [deep freeze & deep fried mutton, chicken red meat, beef, pork, grilled meat, etc.], salt, maida, sugar, pickles, processed food stuff, baking soda, chocolate, tea, coffee, colas made in India, Nutra Sweet with aspartame, etc. Frying, grilling, and broiling meats at very high temperatures causes chemicals to form that may increase cancer risk. alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, canned foods, cured or processed meats, aged cheeses, cultured dairy, MSG, and aspartame.

In Ur diet* U may include aloe vera juice, raw vegetables, green juices, raithas, salads, sprouted seeds, dry fruits, nuts,wheat grass powder, noni juice, black tea, green tea, water melon, papaya, yogurt, fish, brown rice, and use of pressure cooker to get food stuff steam boiled, etc.-and

How to prepare Green* Juice*? Take Palak,menthe, coriander leaves, any edible green leaf, etc., wash them with salt water & then rub with plain water; put them in mixie by adding 3 tsp of water, filter juice through thin cotton cloth & add a pinch of rock salt/turmeric powder/black pepper powder & slowly sip it. Don't store it.

Include Green* Tea*- Rich in antioxidants rendering instant energy. In the inter-cellular space, oxygen is present. If the inter cellular oxygen gets exhausted, due to autoimmune disorders, it leads to malignancy. Green tea prevents exhaustion of such oxygen and prevents cancer.

• How to prepare it? In a cup of boiled water, add one tsp of green tea powder and close the lid tight for 3 minutes and filter it and add 1 tsp of honey and take it hot hot. You can have instant energy.

1. Black* Tea- ensures to dissolves*e renal calculi/kidney stones in 21 days. Most suitable to winter season. It keeps your kidneys intact to function up to optimum levels. It ensures to dissolve Kidney stones, expansion + widening your vessels to flush out toxins and blocked energy + through ureters, urinary bladder, urethra.

How to prepare? Take a cup of water + 1 tsp of tea powder and boil it until it becomes half cup after evaporation. Add another half a cup of hot water to it and filter and drink it hot-hot in an empty stomach in the morning and evening. Do not take anything for next 15 minutes. It widens blood vessels in the kidneys and breaks renal calculi to be excreted in the urine.

2. 1. All dry fruits are safe and anti-cancerous-to boost up immunity levels. A diet rich in fruits-----cured several incurable and dreaded diseases, like Cancer, Thalassemia, HIV, Brain & Spinal cord affected disorders, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Nuro muscular Syndromes, Parkinson's Syndromes, etc., per our experience.

3. 2. They are rich in fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, energy, micro-nutrients, vitamins, calcium, etc.

4. 3. A big tree develops just from a small seed.

5. 4. Dry fruits are safer with no side effects than raw fruits. Why? Because, When they're under the hot sun, they shrink with absorbed omnipotent sun rays'/solar energy. Dry fruits hold latent energy; which gets released when soaked under water overnight. When you eat soaked seeds and drink water, you shall have lot of energy absorbed into the body.

6. Take 90% curry and 10% rice/roti in your lunch or dinner.

7. Wearing magnetic belt on belly ensures to circulate energy, blood on the belly and reduces excess fat on belly.


Some foods that aid in fat loss are:

Greek yoghurt: This type of yoghurt contains higher amounts of protein and fewer carbohydrates as compared to regular yoghurt. It will help you feel full for a longer duration and prevent over snacking.

Green tea: Apart from its antioxidant properties which are beneficial for the body, it also raises the metabolic rate which helps in burning calories. Catechin is a compound present in green tea that aids in removing belly fat.

Chili peppers: They contain a compound containing capsaicin that helps in boosting metabolism which in turn burns fat.

Chicken: Chicken mostly consists of lean protein that requires more calories to digest as compared to digesting fats and carbohydrates. Lean protein also helps in building muscles in the body which burn more calories when the body is at rest.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon aids the body in transporting the sugar into the cells so that it can be used as energy and not stored as fat.

Eggs: Eggs are considered to be a type of super food as they contain plenty of minerals and vitamins. Eggs also contain protein that helps in feeling full for a longer duration.

Non-starchy vegetables: Non-starchy vegetables such as carrots, squash and zucchini contain fiber that helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time. They also contain very less carbohydrates so they do not add much calorific value to the body.

Adding these foods to your daily diet will smoothen your fat loss journey due to their amazing properties. Hence, start having them daily to maintain a fitter and stronger body.

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