How to make my brain sharper, smarter, and lightning fast

I wanted to make my brain better so I took drugs

I took Klonopin, Amytriptyline, Adderal, Percocet. Alcohol. Often at the same time

I took Adderall to be smarter. The Klonopin to handle the anxiety that comes with Adderall. The Amatryptiline to sleep because I can't sleep on Adderall. The Percocet to feel happy when everything else wears off.

When I started to withdraw from the Klonopin I'd have nightmarish hallucinations for three or four hours while just sitting on my couch.

I tried Adderall because of my drug dealer: My daughter.

Why do people frequently state they work hard, that they value hard work, that people should work hard, whereas virtually all people enjoy easy work?

I tend to write a lot so here's a TL;DR Just valuing hard work used to make a lot of sense but not so much anymore. Today efficiency is more valuable than work quantity.I think the emphasis on hard work grows out of a few cultural values that many people have inherited. We might need to adjust

What is your most embarrassing food moment?

The medical shop guy caught me red-handed when I was trying to buy the children food 'CERELAC' for me by pretending like its for some other kid.My roomie has this weird habit of eating Cerelac. Somehow she made me a cerelac addict too. Buying cerelac in medical shops isn't an easy stuff :( They'll ask

What can I do for depression?

First and foremost, I would seek help. You have two choices for a mental health professional. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in mental illness. Most of them only prescribe medication these days. For psychotherapy, you would need apsychotherapist. They are usually a psychologist or social