How to motivate myself to want more for myself

You need to define what MORE means to you.

Everyone has dreams and goals, but the definition of success means something different for everyone. You need to literally sit down and THINK.

What do you want? - What do you want to drive, where do you want to live? Do you want to travel, own a big house or a normal house?

Define success for you, many want to travel the world and own nothing. Many want a Lambo with a mansion. What do you want, not what you think you should want. But what do YOU want.

How to get motivated to workout

How many times have you started working out and then quit? You will never reach your goals that way!Stay motivated by printing your own list and reading it daily. (loud)Let's face it. Most of us have the best intentions when we start a new workout or make the new year resolutions."This

Who and how much do I tip in the USA?

Hooo boy.This is one of the aspects of American culture that I feel the need to apologize to visitors for. It makes no sense, there's no simple model for it, even Americans generally don't agree on who and how much you tip. It's a pain, even for people

Is it appropriate and ok for a boyfriend/husband to give some credit to their wife or girlfriend for helping them become, a better man / the best they can be and should the man be ashamed of this?

You are not serious, right? Of course it is always good to show appreciation and respect, especially for one who has devoted their self to helping you become a better human being, and more successful in their life. I suspect that they would be thrilled to be appreciated!