How to overcome an anxiety, depression and over thinking

Depression comes from failure, regrets and inability AND Anxiety comes from fear mainly. Fear of doing new things, fear of failure, fear of tomorrow etc.. Both of these mental state can be fatal for life if actions are not taken and left to be healed by itself. If one has chronic psychological problem then he/she must visit a medical doctor for help. If you think you want to handle it yourself you can follow these steps.

  1. Change your Philosophy: Believe it or not it's all happening due to your philosophy. You may be sensitive, overwhelmed by relationships, have work related stress, lost someone you loved, unable to pursue your dreams etc BUT think for a while isn't these happening to all of us? But not everyone is prone to distorted mental state. Why & How? These questions you should ask yourself. How not to be overwhelmed? How to have a stronger mind? How not to have high expectations from people? How to pursue dreams even if you have a full time job? How to find beauty & peace in the world? (And many more)
  2. Get stronger physically: I say this all the time. Exercise and increase your strength! By getting fit and strong you will have more confidence and approach people/face life without fear. In fact, get into fitness culture, join a gym, workout, lift weights.. do everything that enhances your strength.
  3. Meditate: Practice Meditation & deep breathing. Sit comfortably and focus on your breathing only. Let the thoughts come and go don't feel disturbed. Do this as often as you can.
  4. Do what you love: Pursue your dreams even if you are tired. Only your dream job will give you immense satisfaction so it is very important that you do something about it at least an hour a day.
  5. Happiness: Everybody knows happiness comes from success BUT remember both Success and Happiness come from Progress in your chosen field. If you are doing well in what you want to do most in your life YOU will be happy even if people think you as a failure. Again, true happiness comes from giving rather than taking. So give freely.
  6. Experiences: You got to have some amazing experiences from time to time. My idea of that is going towards nature, reading books and Classical music. You may have something else but you must pursue that.
  7. Instant relief: Anxiety or panic attack can come all of a sudden. You must prepare yourself with some mind hacks. 1) Lie down immediately and start deep breathing. Inhale, hold your breath for a while and Exhale very slowly. 2) Change focus to something else. Appreciate something's beauty or start reciting a poem loudly.
  8. Gratitude: Realise that there are millions of people who are homeless right now. So everyone else better than that situation must be grateful towards life. Express gratitude daily.
  9. Stay away from Negativity: Be it people OR an idea OR a post in social media.. stay away. Don't look back.
  10. Take responsibility: This is very hard to do and as with any hard pursuit the result is also very powerful. Take charge of things instead of blaming others. Live to learn and change things you don't like. For ex: If you are unhappy with your parents.. then be a parent and be the best you can.

I wish you all the best..

First of all, understand that everything takes its own time.....

"Even time takes its own time"

  • Find the best source that calms you and brings peace in your mind..(for me, its music sometimes.)
  • Take a deep breath and say to yourself that you can overcome the situation whenever you feel over-exaggerated.
  • Listen to music or read peace-giving books.
  • Go for a walk out in the nature.
  • Talk to your loved ones.
  • Play your favorite sport or with pets.
  • Stop thinking about your future (really overthinking about the future leads to negative thoughts and all soughs of depression).
  • Stop thinking about others and also stop observing people (it affects inner peace).
  • Make yourself your best friend and talk to yourself everyday (the greatest remedy of all).
  • Stop worrying about the past or the in your present.
  • Get involved in improving yourself by doing meaningful activities.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and motivate yourself.
  • Do not believe everything you hear; do not do everything you want to do ; do not say all you know ; do not use all you have; do not buy everything you see; then, you shall always be relaxed.
  • Don't expect , expectations kill.
  • Gaze at the sky (better at night).
  • Don't get angry easily. Be forgiving. Remember , all anger ends in repentance!

Do things that requires your full concentration, because it makes you avoid and also overcome overthinking, negative thinking, etc.

"Life goes on.....people have great lives when they overcome such situations."

Wishing you a happy one......

Happy to help...

With loads of love....


Others have written that therapy is the best way to go, and I agree. I see a therapist every two weeks and I use up every minute of my time trying to sort myself out.

The depression and anxiety is something I face every day. I am not currently in a depression, but I always feel as though it is not far away from me, lurking in the background. Anxiety is also a constant companion when I leave home.

Overthink is another word for "making mountains out of molehills" and I think this is related to anxiety about what's out there, what will we face today. There are some people who seem so confident. They can get up, get ready, get in the car and drive to where they have to go, and do what they need to without a second thought.

Then there are those of us like you and me, who have to think our ways through, pick the quiet times to get done the things we need to do daily, and can't stop fretting over the little things.

Here is a good article for overthinking.

10 Simple Ways You Can Stop Yourself From Overthinking

But there is no substitute for seeing a professional person to get to the bottom of your depression and anxiety. It isn't easy, we must fight it, not let it win.

Good luck.

Whether they beat themselves up over a mistake they made yesterday or fret about how they're going to succeed tomorrow, overthinkers are plagued by distressing thoughts-and their inability to get out of their own heads leaves them in a state of constant anguish.

While everyone overthinks things once in a while, some people just can't ever seem to quiet the constant barrage of thoughts. Their inner monologue includes two destructive thought patterns-ruminating and worrying.

Ruminating involves rehashing the past:

I shouldn't have spoken up in the meeting today. Everyone looked at me like I was an idiot.

I could have stuck it out at my old job. I would be happier if I would have just stayed there.

My parents always said I wouldn't amount to anything. And they were right.

Worrying involves negative-often catastrophic-predictions about the future:

I'm going to embarrass myself tomorrow when I give that presentation. My hands will shake, my face will turn red, and everyone will see that I'm incompetent.

I'll never get promoted. It doesn't matter what I do. It's not going to happen.

My spouse is going to find someone better than I am. I'm going to end up divorced and alone.

Over thinkers don't just use words to contemplate their lives. Sometimes, they conjure up images. too. They may envision their car going off the road or replay a distressing event in their minds like a movie. Either way, their tendency to overthink everything holds them back from doing something productive.

Putting an end to rehashing, second-guessing, and catastrophic predictions is easier said than done. But with consistent practice, you can limit your negative thinking patterns:

1. Notice When You're Thinking Too Much

2. Challenge Your Thoughts

3. Keep The Focus On Active Problem-Solving

4. Schedule Time For Reflection

5. Practice Mindfulness

6. Change The Channel

To overcome anxiety and depression you should control your thoughts.According to me there are two kind of thoughts which are:

  1. Positive thoughts: Thoughts that makes you believe that everything is possible, Nothing can stop you to achieve your goals. In a way thoughts that can give you pleasure and happiness. eg. Thoughts about your dreams.

positive thoughts

Let me try to link up all these things into single picture:

If we love someone and approach them "Anxiety" comes into frame.
If they reject us we feel "Depressed"
Due to this we start "Over Thinking".

I just covered one scenario, there can be many reasons behind the your query. The best possible way, I reckon is to ask yourself are you happy? are you enjoying your life? If answer is YES then you should not be concerned about all this, but if answer is "NO" you should try to fix it.

How to fix Anxiety Depression Over Thinking:

  • Evaluate your daily routine and find out the things that make you unhappy or feel depressed so that you can indulge in some other activities by skipping them.
  • Try YOGA: Yoga is proven for all these things. At least 40 minutes of yoga a day will keep your problems at bay.
  • Outing: Plan for regular outing.
  • Health Expert: Visit your doctor and share your problem, may be you need certain medications to help you out.
  • Counselling: A proper counselling will benefit you the most.
  • Stay away from negative mindsets.
  • Engage in your favorite hobby.

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