How to pay attention to studying math

Math is much more demanding a focus and attention to details than almost all other subjects. But doing that, requires lots of work and patience, you cannot just start doing math, and have the same level of focus and intensity as someone doing it for a long time. (of course some people have it naturally)
So, keep working hard, and if you don't get something, leave it for the moment being but do come back to it later on. Don't leave any stone unturned. Try redoing all proofs from the book, then go to another subject, after some time (weeks) come back and redo everything yourself.
By doing the problems while you're studying. Not only will that allow you to understand the processes involved as you read, but you will also get practice working and approaching the problem. When you're reading example problems in your textbook, work the problems out along with the book; or when your professor is doing example problems, do the problem with them. It's much easier to pay attention when you're actually doing the work instead of just listening.
What does it take for a restaurant to get a Michelin Star?

There's something that needs to be known here. Michelin has been traditionally secretive about the specific criteria that they use to make their evaluations. That been said, there's evidence that those criteria have a certain flexibility in order to make the guide marketable. That is, after all, the Guide's business.So if

Is the gold jewelry price cheaper in Dubai compared to India?

Gold jewelry price is cheaper in Dubai as compared to India because the labor charge is low in Dubai. The same sort of bartering as in India does not occur. The Indian retailers have a different way to deal with the count of

How to cook frozen pizza if I don't have an oven

I am guessing you dont have a way to defrost the pizza,so, this is what I want you to do: If you have a large Iron Pan you can cook the pizza by simply putting half a cub of Olive oil and then placing the frozen pizza inside.