How to protect myself in divorce court without an attorney

There is an old saying," a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client." Not a good idea to represent yourself in a divorce. The exception would be someone without children, without any property, and without employment. Also, a divorce that does not involve children for custody or child support. Additionally, a divorce where there is nothing to divide and no alimony. However, If there is anything to "protect" than absolutely you need a divorce attorney. The question itself implies that legal representation is necessary because the goal is to be protected in a divorce.

Why do my parents say I'm lazy when I'm really just tired?

I know how you feel because my parents are like this as well, no matter how much effort I put on things, I'm always lazy and stupid.Last year I moved to Japan (came back a few months ago), sometimes I used to work for 36 hours straight with monitored

What will happen if I go to gym without proper diet?

Greetings Ashni; my apologies for the delayed response.Your fitness regime is primarily made-up of three things, that too in the following order:DIETRestWorkoutYep, you read that right... workout forms only about 10–20% of your fitness goals. What you essentially do in a gym is

What are the most welcoming cities or places to live in the United States if you are an interracial couple?

Atlanta, GA is definitely one. Very common and accepted here with barely even an eyebrow raise, except from maybe people over 60 or 70. And even then maybe.I am a white man dating a younger black woman, and most people