How to read a book faster

Thanks for A2A. Here are some specific suggestions when I'm really trying to get through a book that isn't necessarily interesting, but I'm too guilty to put away :

Every book has a specific writing style. Within a couple pages, you'll be able to identify what that is. It comes naturally - you'll begin to understand how much of the book is detailing of the surroundings, and how much is the actual plot.

So for example, if a chapter describes a murder in the garden, don't focus too much on reading the garden's description. Nobody cares how many kinds of flowers are planted, we just want to know why the body is behind the roses. You get my point, right?

Your mind will automatically identify where the plot thickens and where it's just a fluke to fill pages. Learn to look over the fluke. You could end up skipping a couple paragraphs at a time!

Also, some people like to skim through headings, the beginning/end sentence of paragraphs, quick glances in between the lines. The most probable books to be skimmed through would be ones that are too informative.

You may not necessarily care for what the exact numbers, dates or place names are in a book - skip those.

In some cases, books have too many characters that are just white noise to the plot. You'll learn to decipher those as the story progresses. Don't focus too hard on understanding every character descriptions.

All these points are helpful in understanding the gist of any book, but it will obviously not keep you very hooked.

A better suggestion thus, is to pick up books that are critically acclaimed and have a couple awards to their name. You stand a better chance there to read something that is mostly meaningful, rather than a book that's just useful in bits and pieces.

Happy reading!

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