How to reduce my waist from 41 inches to 35 inches in 1 year

Three things:

  1. Healthy eating. Lesson carbs to reduce insulin level and increase the intake of protein to increase metabolism. Protein also keeps you fuller for longer which means less hunger pangs. Stay away from white sugar. Switch to natural sugary options like honey, dates, maple syrup aur jaggery.
  2. Exercise without fail. Make a plan and stick to it
  3. Finish dinner at or before before 8pm. You should see results in 30 days

Is Kobe Bryant a bad teammate?

I remember Bill Russell once said he had a conversation with Kobe and the blunt observation he had was,

What causes calf pain after exercise?

Sounds like a cramp or often called a 'Charlie horse' in the U.S.   Common cause among athletes is believed to be fatigue and dehydration, or perhaps inadequate training and preparation for the event or weather conditions. So prevention might include drinking more water before and during long sports events or workouts. During marathons