How to regain the motivation to run

Why does it matter if you "get back to" what you were able to do when you were younger? Why does that interfere with your motivation?

Answer that question, and you will be able to solve your motivation issues.

As a person ages, many things slip away. If you let those variances overwhelm you, you will dwindle to the essence of a wet noodle.

If you enjoyed running once, you will enjoy it again. Set reasonable goals for pursuing your desires.

Some people would give their left arm to be able to run again. Flat feet and joint issues create a lot of pain and increased risk of damage, making running a curse. I wish I could run, but I can still walk, so that's what I do.

If you lament the abilities you had in your youth, you will live with regrets that drag you further down in so many ways it'll make your head spin. Just continue doing what you CAN do, and motivation will come naturally.

What are the benchmarks of a fitness for men?

Here is your answer 9 Essential Strength Benchmarks for Men | LIVESTRONG.COM .I am doing this short for you :1. The Plank for 2 Minutes2. The Barbell Bench Press for 1 Rep at 1.5 Times Your Body Weight3. The Standing Barbell Press for 1 Rep at Your Body Weight4. The Push-Up for 50 Full-Range

Why are people so quick to make fun of other people who are thinking of buying a Peloton, an exercise bike or treadmill with instructor-led workouts and encouragement on an attached TV screen?

I am not aware. The expense? I love my exercise bike, and that is no joke. I watch TV shows and movies, though. A Peleton has crossed my mind. I can see the motivation factor. I ride for time and speed. I might do more if I was pushed. Whether I should do more is

What do you prefer, Yoga or Workouts?

Of course Yoga. Because Yoga is much more scientific. In America more than three crore people are practicing yoga daily. Now through out the world 21st June is observed as International Yoga Day. In India Yoga is regarded as a science that allows a man to live harmonious life and while favoring his