How to remove my love handles without losing weight

I think what you meant is that you are skinny fat.

You have spillage over you waist but other parts of your body are relatively lean. There are two possibilities of these cause:

Problem #1: You have a poor posture. Most likely you have a posterior pelvic tilt. The reason causing you to have this "love handles" may not fully due to fats spillage, but also due to tight muscles in your hamstrings and abdomen.

Solution #1: Do some stretching exercises, starting off with the aid of equipment, such as foam roller or resistance band to ease of the tightness. Don't attempt ballistic (extreme) stretches right off the bat as you may end up with injuries instead.

Problem #2: Genetics. More fats are being accumulated at your waist area than other parts of your body, and hence, you have love handles even though you are relatively lean at other parts of your body.

Solution #2: Calorie deficit is the only way to lose fat. (To calculate your daily required calories intake for effective fat loss, read more about it here.) However, if you do not wish to lose muscles along with the fat, do ensure that you do some weight lifting exercises so as to increase your muscle mass whilst to burn fat as well. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises are also beneficial to burn fats whilst being able to build and tone some muscles.

If you require more fitness tips and sample workout plans for effective fat loss, check out the article below:

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