How to repeat a good golf swing

     Merely repeating a swing 100's or 1000's of times can be more harmful than doing nothing.  If you ingrain bad habits such as over the top,reverse weight shift,to upright,to bent over,to close to far from ball you could actually do your game harm.

    You need to find a swing that works and repeat it.  You also need to make sure you are actually repeating the correct swing by periodically taking a quick video,pic or have someone who knows your swing put eyes on it.  Additionally you need to take the swing to a range and hit balls using the exact swing and see results.  So often the swing used in practice is not transferred to the course as hole length,hazards,wind,course conditions etc come into play and you "forget" or alter your swing to account for these conditions.  All of your practice is then out the window.

When you take the swing you have practiced and are pretty sure works for you to the course,first hit a small bucket of warm up balls.   Your muscles may be tight,you may have extra energy,you may be tired,you may be hitting a slight fade or draw etc and you shouldn't fight it.  Take it to the course.  The course isn't a laboratory and you can't change your swing every shot but you may need to make slight adjustments.

Lastly,trust your swing.  

How to stay motivated to workout everyday

Hi,Hope you are doing well.. if not then exercise to do well!!Did the line above make any sense?Behind anything in this world, there is a motive to achieve something, to be something, or to prove something,..similar is the case of exercise. how?Well.. First

How will you take good care of your body?

By:Getting enough sleep, you probably need about 8 hours per night, just like the rest of us.Eating a nutritious, healthy diet (don't put too much thought into this, you know what it means).Exercising, exercise at least a couple times per week, the thing that you stick with will be the healthiest thing for you, be it tennis

What are the best laptop Windows hacks?

For computers with low RAM (as in 2 GB or less), you can plug in a USB stick with at least 256 MB of free space to use as additional RAM with a Windowa feature called ReadyBoost. After inserting a USB stick, to the drive's properties and enabling this feature under the "Readyboost."  Note that ReadyBoost mainly